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Whether you're fresh out of dental school looking for a buy-in, or you're ready to retire and want a smooth, financially redeeming conclusion to your career, Dentcetera is here to make that happen.



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Assisting in Practice Transitions Between Sellers And Buyers For Over 15 Years

Here at Dentcetera, we do not “represent” either the practice buyer or the practice seller as a fiduciary agent. Dentcetera operates as M&A Business Brokers. Sometimes, we start with the seller and find the buyer. Other times, we start with the buyer and find the seller. In any event, we arrange for the introduction to the transaction and earn a fee on a “Success Basis” only.

Sell Dental Practices

We understand your need for complete confidentiality and unbiased solutions. Dentcetera spends a substantial amount of time working closely with clients wanting to sell dental practices. We work in complete confidence with buyers who are qualified, serious, and well-financed. We look forward to working with you!

For Sellers

Buy Dental Practices

Dentcetera is a dental practice mergers & acquisitions business broker. We provide dental practice owners and acquirers with first class opportunities. To work objectively for the success of the transaction, bearing in mind the needs of both buyers and sellers, while serving them with integrity, diligence, and confidentiality.