Christine S. Cracchiolo

Christine S. Cracchiolo is a founding partner of Dentcetera-Advisors, LLC. Christine S. Cracchiolo, a fourth generation Arizona native, is one of the foremost estate planning attorneys in Arizona, representing some of the state’s most notable families. Christine blends more than 25 years of experience in estate planning with a warm, accessible personality—making her a highly sought after expert resource.  Her clientele includes doctors, dentists, athletes, politicians, farmers, business owners, and non-profit corporations. 

In 2006 she founded Forakis Law Firm, PLC, now home to three attorneys, paralegals, assistants, and other professionals, with the intent to create a place where clients could feel ‘at home’ while addressing some of life’s biggest questions regarding their succession and legacy. 

Her firm specializes in preventive law—which is a highly proactive approach to estate planning and offers a full spectrum of complementary, integrated practice areas including business law, asset protection, probate, succession planning, non-profits, guardianship, tax planning, elder law, and special needs planning.