Dental Practice Financing

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Dental Practice Financing

Information About Financing 

When considering financing your dream dental practice it is imperative that you present a complete loan application package to the appropriate potential lenders to help expedite the process, and thus limit the risk of losing your opportunity by failing to secure financing in time.  It’s equally important to consider both short and long-term capital requirements of your practice and/or real estate (facility), and much more.

At Dencetera-Advisors, LLC we offer buyer’s representation and guidance throughout the process, which includes:

1. Performing due-diligence on the dental practice

2. Determining the amount of financing that is needed

3. Creating the proper structure to justify the financing you pursue

4. Locating & considering available financing options from large and small lenders throughout the US, and obtaining a competitive financing package, which includes a focus not only on interest rate, but equally on terms and conditions.

Thus, the interest rate is not the most important part of the deal; it is the proper balance of rate, terms and conditions that make for the optimal financing package.

At Dentcetera-Advisors, LLC we represent solely your interests.

Financing is available to all qualified borrowers.