About Dentcetera-Advisors, LLC

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Our History 

Dentcetera-Advisors, LLC was established in 2005 by Mark Eric Bailey,  Dr. James R. Chaffin, and Christine Forakis, JD.

We do not “Represent” either the practice buyer or the practice seller as a fiduciary agent. Dentcetera operates as M&A Business Brokers. Sometimes we start with the seller and find the buyer; sometimes we start with the buyer and find the seller. In any event, we arrange for the introduction to the transaction and earn a fee on a “Success Basis” only.

Additional value added broker services in connection with the introduction of the buyers to sellers include; creation of selling documents (e.g. Executive Summaries, Profiles); reconstruction of financial statements to help show hidden values; a thorough business valuation; customized buyer searches and seller searches.

We work directly with practice owners, but also partner with other practice transition consultants, practice brokers and intermediaries to maximize their client options and support their growth and profit goals. And, we earn our Broker’s fees only on the closing of a transaction.

Dentcetera's Value-Added Broker Service

We assist with descriptive broker services which help to facilitate the introduction of buyers to sellers.
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Dental Practice Mergers and Acquisition Firms

Our Mission

To be one of the premier dental practice merger and acquisition firms in the United States, acting as brokers, providing dental practice owners and acquirers with first class opportunities. To work objectively for the success of the transaction, bearing in mind the needs of both buyers and sellers, while serving them with integrity, diligence and confidentiality.

Seller Services

Dentcetera is a dental practice mergers & acquisitions business broker. We specialize in finding qualified buyers for the sellers with whom we work. Exploring the options of a merger or acquisition of a practice is kept confidential.

Many people think that M&A transactions are to simply sell out. An outright purchase is only one option that many seek. Others involve buyers who want the former owner to stay on as an associate or consultant. Some buyers desire to become an equity partner by purchasing only a part of the practice. Whatever option you explore, they all provide the primary benefit of converting your hard earned business asset into cash.

Every practice has an opportune time range when the business valuation is at its peak. Rarely do practice owners have a realistic “Exit Plan.” Very few practice owners do. Proactive planning will allow an exit from a position of strength.

Why Dentcetera?

  • Strict Confidentiality Policy
  • M&A Intermediary Services Since 2005
  • Extensive Research Capabilities
  • We invite you to learn more about Dentcetera and how we can help you.

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