Dental Practice Transitions

We are the Dental Practice Transition Service nationwide.

Dental Practice Transitions

Our dental practice transitions services assists with descriptive broker services which help to facilitate the introduction of buyers to sellers.

Develop Criteria

Determine Seller’s needs, financial and personal, as criteria for the direction of our research efforts as Brokers.

Analyze Practice

Complete the Dentcetera registration form with Seller to gain deeper understanding of Seller’s practice, prior to an expanded Buyer search.

Financial Review

Review financial statements to understand hidden values and true profit, which Buyers need to know before accepting an introduction.

Create Brokers Documents

Create Executive Summary which serves as informational documents for submission to prospective practice Buyers and their advisors, to facilitate introductions.

Business Valuation

We complete and provide a thorough business valuation so as to help the Buyer client evaluate the dental business taking into account its assets, cash flow, sales and profit trends, industry and competitive environment and potential for growth.

Targert Buyer(s)

Target and find Buyer (or merger) prospects using contacts, research techniques and databases, advertising (where necessary), emails, telemarketing and visitations.