Dental Practice Financing

Information Regarding Financing

Dentcetera enjoys excellent working relationships with several institutions able to assist in the financing of a dental practice, thus we can generally offer rates and conditions that match or better those available through traditional lending sources — often securing over 100% financing for the buyer, thereby enabling the seller to cash out under the most favorable terms. We’re frequently able to secure working capital for the buyer to either begin operating the practice immediately or fund the purchase of accounts receivable.

Dentcetera can support the following transactions:

  • Real estate financing involving condos, co-ops and small office buildings
  • 50% partnership funding up front with no seller guarantees
  • Split funded buy-in, buy-out commitments with 5-year plus takeouts
  • Practice and personal re-financing at very favorable rates

*These also may be available to non-clients on a case-by-case basis.

REMEMBER, the interest rate is not the most important part of the deal; it is the proper balance of rate, terms and conditions that make for the optimal financing package.