Sell a Dental Practice with Dentcetera-Advisors

Our Experts Will Help You Sell a Dental Practice

Sell a Dental Practice

Seller’s Need

Sell a Dental Practice with Dentcetera-Advisors. Understanding your need for complete confidentiality and unbiased solutions.

Spending a substantial amount of time working closely with practice sellers. Because, working with you in complete confidence, and present buyers who are qualified, serious and well-financed.

But, you know your practice’s value best.

Also, you understand your dental practice. As an owner you have created value, positioned your practice in the dental marketplace, cultivated a patient base, and realized the potential for growth. By assisting and structuring a transaction that meets your expectations, we play a vital role in your practice’s future opportunities and in preserving your legacy. Relationships we develop with sellers often last beyond the transaction. Our network of satisfied sellers is a valuable source of referrals and references for us.

The Dentcetera Advantage:

* Understanding the dental business.

* Understanding the transaction from a seller’s perspective.

* Also, having a long track record originating mutually beneficial transaction in the dental, orthodontic and oral surgery community.

* Because of our extensive experience with both financial owners and founding owners, we are quick to anticipate problems and to propose effective solutions. We understand that financial owners review even the subtlest financial implications of a sale, while founding owners must also consider a range of personal, family and estate planning issues.

* Certainly, aligning ourselves with successful outcomes and remain objective throughout the transaction.

Our Process

Thorough analysis and planning system facilitates strategic unions. Because analysis and planning system is designed to meet the challenges of diverse personal and professional needs. Sell a Dental Practice with Dentcetera-Advisors. But, our Targeted Search is a highly tailored and collaborative process that is designed to respond to owners’ needs. Utilizing our proprietary database and extensive research we are able to pair sellers with buyers who have similar values, philosophies, and business ethics. As a result, The sale of a dental practice involves many opportunities for the Seller. The specific purchase price is only a part of the overall result. The Buyer is often “focused-in” on this aspect. In conclusion, while the Buyer may not be willing to meet the Seller’s asking price, he can, through proper negotiations, actually satiny the Seller’s total financial requirements in other ways.

Sell a Dental Practice

Our Approach

First of all, we find qualified practice buyers with funding available ready to enter solid negotiations seriously. Because, Dentcetera finds qualified dental practice buyers who bypass the slow, tedious, frustrating, and too often fruitless “auction” process and who enter solid negotiations quickly and seriously. But, we’re confident in our ability to match qualified practice buyers to seller / partners. Also, Dentcetera doesn’t shotgun. So, before making a proposal to either party we determine the logic of the match.

Typically, the ideal size for a quickly successful negotiation is $500k to $3 million in gross sales. But, we have completed many larger and smaller successful negotiations. As a result, Sell a Dental Practice with Dentcetera-Advisors. We work on a “one to one” basis with interested parties on both sides of a prospective transaction. It is important to understand all elements of the total package to determine the true value. The Dentcetera approach takes into account all of the elements of the financial transaction by conveying the necessary information and opportunities to the clients prior to introduction. Some of these are:

  • Purchase price & down payment and balance of payments
  • Interest on notes payable to Seller
  • Liabilities assumed by Buyer & Employment contracts
  • Sale or lease of premises owned by seller or associated company
  • Consultant’s fee paid to Seller & outstanding loans to officers
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Current assets of business allowed to be retained by Seller
  • Percentage of future sales paid to Seller
  • Share of ownership retained by Seller
  • Licensing agreements between Seller and Buyer
  • Special “perks” obtained for Seller and/or his family

The total sales price is properly considered to be the total financial package obtained by the Seller. This total is the true measure of Dentcetera’s accomplishment in bringing the right combination of Buyer & Seller together.