Understanding Sellers' Needs

Selling your Dental Practice with Dentcetera

Here at Dentcetera, we value your need for complete confidentiality and unbiased solutions. We spend a substantial amount of time working closely with practice sellers. We look forward to working with you in complete confidence, and present buyers who are qualified, serious and well-financed.

The Dentcetera Advantage:

Because of our extensive experience with both financial owners and founding owners, we are quick to anticipate problems and to propose effective solutions. We understand that financial owners review even the subtlest financial implications of a sale, while founding owners must also consider a range of personal, family and estate planning issues.

  • Deep understanding of Dentistry
  • Understanding Thorugh Seller's Prospective
  • Remaining Objective Throughout The Transaction
  • A Long track record of Originating Mutually Beneficial Transactions
  • Relationships We Develop With Sellers Often Last Beyond The Transaction.
  • Our Network of Satisfied Sellers is a Valuable Source of Referrals and References For Us.

Don't hesitate, we're looking forward to serving you.