Sonny Elliot

The last six years Sonny has focused primarily on non-profit work, along with part time consulting on a National Basis.

Sonny Elliott, served as President of Mind Technologies, Inc., (from 2007-2010) where he over saw the day-to-day corporate activities and participated at the executive level, in the creative development and vision of the company.

Sonny Elliott has a varied and most successful background, which provides a uniqueness to his work. In 1965 he received a BS degree in biology. His work experience includes being a successful insurance agent, serving as president of an oil company, a real estate company, and a registered SEC securities firm as well as being a private investor. He also was a Co-Founder of “Omega Orthodontics”, which he helped take Public on the NY Stock Exchange.

Mr. Elliott is a nationally recognized speaker, having shared platforms with such best selling authors, lecturers and business professionals, such as Dr. Elizabeth Neeld (author of Nightingale-Conant Tape Series Yes! You Can Write and numerous other books), Robert Pante (Dressing to Win), Howard Stevens (The H.R. Chally Group), Robert Young (Group President of Lockheed Engineering), Dr. Wayne Dyer (Your Erroneous Zones, etc.) and Tim Gallwey (Inner Game of Tennis). His teachers also include Anthony Robbins, and Werner Erhard.

He has appeared before hundreds of groups and has spoken to and consulted with thousand people, including working with in excess of 1,000 small businesses, primarily in the arena of “Practice Management.” The guiding principles of this work are based on accountability, responsibility, and agreements organized around enhancing personal and interpersonal skill sets.

Sonny Elliott has appeared on over 40 radio and TV talk shows, including CBS, NBC, NPR and PBS. He also interviewed and appeared in several publications such as Parenting, Redbook, where he authored a “Family” column.

He has authored industry articles and has delivered in excess of two thousand presentations, including a number of appearances on National Orthodontic programs, to thousands of attendees.

Sonny is best known as the former CEO of Paradigm Practice Management Company, an approach that focused on communication and relationships as the driving force of successful Orthodontic practices.

Sonny was credited with enhancing the gross revenues of his typical client by 50% as reported in the study conducted by the prestigious H. R. Chally Group.

Sonny is highly regarded nationally as a “Specialist” in communication and relationships, and nationally marketed his award-winning book: “Mom, Dad Are You Listening?”


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